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Stretching the thigh

Most people know how to stretch out the front of the thigh or the back, but the in and outside of the thigh are often neglected.  So I want to write about those parts. Keeping them stretched can reduce the pains of sciatica, low back, knee, and many issues with the hips. So, first I must say:

1) Don’t stretch until you are wincing, cringing, holding your breath, or any other sign of over stretching. Just like when you overdo at exercising and wake up the next day sore, you can hurt yourself if you force the stretch farther than your muscles can go.

2) You don’t have to hold each stretch for 5 minutes, just fill the time you have available. It’s better to stretch often than long. So if you use the excuse that you don’t have the time to stretch everything, or “properly”, don’t worry about it. You don’t have to put precious time set aside special for stretching. Every once in while throughout your day, add a stretch. The more often you stretch, the better you will feel.

3) After you stretch, occasionally, you might feel a little light-headed. Make sure you are in a place where if you fall you won’t get too hurt. (In other words, don’t ever stretch on the edge of a cliff!) I usually stretch while sitting or laying down, as then I don’t have to worry about falling at all. If you do feel a bit woozy, just take a breath and pause before driving or doing your taxes.

Now for the stretches themselves

You can adjust your body position and thus adjust the intensity and area of the stretch. If you arch your back, so your belly is still at the edge of the bed but your lower shoulder is a foot or more away from the edge, it will change the location of the actual stretch.

Likewise, if you find just letting your leg rest fully off the edge of the bed is too intense, then keep your foot on the bed and just rest your knee off the edge.

Lay on your side at the very edge of a bed, couch, or table. Try to put your belly as close to the edge as you are comfortable with, if your belly hangs over a little, even better.

Next, and the order is important so you don't fall off, drop your shoulder to the bed.

Third, rest your top leg off the edge of the bed. Let gravity pull your leg down and you just concentrate on breathing and relaxing.

Another stretch

Stack a few books with a pillow on top on your bed or couch. Then lie on your side with the bottom knee on top of the stack, and the top leg resting off the side of the bed.

The intensity of the stretch will be determined by the height of the stack. And if you lie more on your belly or back will change the actual muscle fibers being stretched.

For the inside of your thighs

Sit on a hard chair (no couches or easy chair). Spread your knees as far as is comfortable. Rest your elbows on your knees. Keeping your back straight, press your knees farther apart.


Another stretch

Sit on the floor, or (if able to balance) a chair, with the bottom of your feet touching each other. With your back straight, press your elbows into your knees and lean forward.

To intensify the stretch pull up on your toes. Or to make the intensity less, straighten one leg in front of you and only stretch side at a time.












You can also add a twist to your waist and thus change the actual fibers being stretched.