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Essential oil and Flower Essence Seminars

The classes on Flower essences and Essential oils were not only informative and allowed me to earn my CE credits, but they were the perfect seminars at the perfect time for me. I was feeling like the universe was working against me for a while, but these seminars helped me remember that the universe works with us, If we let it! And that it was actually I, trying to work against the universe.

These seminars even taught me more than just about essences and oils, my energy fed on and was renewed by the energy of my fellow students and new mentor. My enthusiasm for my craft, my art, and my work got a shot of joy that I didn’t know I was missing.

Bonnie Jackson Erdman was patient and energetic with all of us “students”. She obviously holds the opinion that she is not just a teacher, but a student as well. Bonnie doesn’t just hold the position of mentor to me, but also coworker, and friend. It almost seemed as though we had all met at a coffee shop and were just gabbing.

The 3 big lessons I learned about flower essences were first that they are information only, unlike essential oils that are the condensed molecular code of the plants. Flower essences are pure energetic vibration. The pure and innocent beauty of a flower is captured, bottled, and given to us in a form that our electrical systems can understand, translate, and emulate.

Second, the way essences work is at that the moment that they enter your system, they work to realigning your personal vibration to match the vibration of our world. Lucky for those of us who are out of whack, like me, they don’t slam your body back into realignment. They gently ease your body, mind, and soul back to where it belongs.

Third, and quite possibly the best tidbit of info I learned about essences, is they are completely harmless. I can feel safe giving them to any animal, humans included. Just like the soothing words and touches of comfort we give our clients, essences are like that warm blanket fresh from the dryer. They cuddle you to a higher state of health and well-being.

The flowers that God has surrounded us with are our teachers to a, healthy and strong, oneness with the universe.

I personally have been using Young Living essential oils from the very beginning of my massage career, 8 years ago. But as most of you will attest, we can always learn more. I walked into the essential oil seminar with the thought that I will learn 1 or 2 new tidbits. I walked out with the added knowledge of massage techniques, to help the oils penetrate the skin. How to handle the bottles. Since Y.L. is so strongly therapeutic, I don’t need to worry as much about contamination. However I DO need to be concerned with the possible negative side effects. Some oils are too strong for some animals, pregnant and nursing moms, as well as kids. I learned that a little will definitely go A LONG way, and most times I don’t need a whole drop. What some added benefits of the specific oils are, like did you know cedarwood rubbed into your thumbs opens the emotional blockages to learning? And that citrus oils are great for virus control? Bonnie taught me to be careful of too much heat when using diffusers, and to avoid the X-rays in airports. In fact, I could go on for 4 pages in this newsletter!

There were so many new tidbits and ideas that I learned in the flower essences and essential oil seminars that when I left, I could hardly think straight. I felt as though I had taken an entire month worth of classes and that it would probably take me a week, just to sort out the new info in my head.

Bonnie was very knowledgeable about flower essences and essential oils. And she taught from the experiences and lessons she has learned throughout her journey thus far. Never once trying to claim to know all about essences and oils, but rather told us about her journey in a conversational manner. She didn’t simply give us the condensed version of what, how, when, where, and why. But lead us, as though through a great book that we couldn’t put down, to where she had gained her inspiration and education.

Bonnie helped us, with referencing other people as well as the materials she brought, to understand how to find out more for ourselves:
*Green Hope Farm, their website is, and they have a
guide titled “A Guide to Green Hope Farm Flower Essences”
*Dr. Masaru Emoto, and the research he did on water vibrations
*Donna Eden, her website is
*Young Living, and their movie, “Gold of the Ages”
*The website, to learn more about whether products, like sunscreen or
the foods we buy at a store are safe or not.
*She told us that a good reference guide to essential oils was not just a good
idea, but imperative.

Just as we can learn from another therapist, or even our clients, we can learn from the world around us. The plants and animals we see, hear, and touch, are just as much our teachers.

Essential Oils

If you are inclined to have any Essential Oils in your home, you should be certain you know how to use them. Very few oils can be used directly on the skin without damaging the tissues. Oils that are derived from flowers are the safest guess, but even those can often be too strong. The safest way is to dilute the oils in either a base oil or milk.

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